Garage Door Security Tips

Garage Door Security Tips

Your garage is an extension of your home, so its security can be just as important as securing the front door of your house. If you keep valuable items in your garage or if your garage is another means of access to your house, then keeping intruders out is essential. Let’s look at some simple ways to improve your garage door security.


Ideally, your garage door should have multiple locking points to help keep burglars out. Many old garage doors only have one lock, making them much easier to break into by drilling into and damaging the lock. Multiple locks and keypads for secure entry can help to deter anyone trying to break in.

Be vigilant

Locks are no good if you don’t lock them, so make sure that you and all your family members remain vigilant when it comes to closing and locking the door once they leave the garage. Suffering a break-in just because of absent-mindedness is something that’s easily avoidable.

Garage door monitor

If you’re worried that you or others in your household might forget to lock your garage door, then it makes good sense to install a garage door monitor. This lets you know whether the garage door is open or closed, and locked or unlocked, so you have no excuse for leaving it unlocked and unsecured.

Motion activated light

Another deterrent for thieves is a big bright light shining in their faces. An outdoor light over your garage door can be installed with motion sensors, so that it will illuminate whenever someone approaches your garage. This draws attention to the thief and is likely to put them off attempting to break in.

Cover windows

If your garage has windows that intruders can see into your garage through, then it is a good idea to keep these covered at night and when you are away from your home. Someone is much more likely to target your garage if they can see that there are valuables inside.

Secure service door

Many garages have a service door as well as the main garage door. Don’t forget to secure this door as well as the main entry door. Having a lock and deadbolt on your service door can help to beef up your security.

Worried about the security of your garage? Get in touch with Carolina Garage Door for the installation of additional security features or for an overall garage door tune-up. We service garage doors around the Triad area, including Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.


What to Do If a Garage Door Spring Breaks

What to Do If a Garage Door Spring Breaks

Would you know what to do if your garage door suddenly stopped working? A number of reasons could cause garage doors to break or become faulty, and one of the most common is a broken garage door spring. To make sure you’re prepared for this situation if it does arise, I’ll take you through the basics of how to identify and repair a broken spring.

How do you know if a spring has broken?

If your springs are in good working order, then you should be able to manually lift an overhead garage door. To test this, you should disconnect the automatic door opener and try to open the door manually. Any resistance may suggest a fault with your door springs, and the same goes for if the door cannot stay open at the top by itself. If the door won’t open at all, either electronically or manually, then this could also be due to broken springs. You may also be able to notice wear to your door springs by simply looking at them.

What to do when a spring breaks

If a garage door spring does break, then it will most likely need replacing completely. Your best option is to have a professional replace the springs to ensure your safety and that the job has been done correctly. Trying to do it yourself without experience with repairing garage doors could lead to further maintenance issues in the future. Torsion springs can be particularly dangerous to work with if you are inexperienced.

If you’re in any doubt, then I would recommend calling a professional maintenance service to replace your garage door springs. We provide a spring replacement service in North Carolina if you are in need.

How to prevent door springs from breaking

You should perform a visual check of your garage door springs at least once a month to identify any problems before they worsen. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, there are two main types of springs your garage door may be fitted with: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are typically used for larger garage doors and you will find these on the wall above your garage door. Extension springs may be found above the door’s tracks or to the sides of the door.

Extreme weather can result in increased wear to your garage door springs, so be extra vigilant in particularly hot or cold weather. You can help to maintain the condition of your door springs by applying lubricant to them on a regular basis.

If you’re in need of garage door maintenance or spring repair, get in touch with Carolina Garage Door for services around Winston Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, and High Point.

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To Insulate or Not to Insulate

To Insulate or Not to Insulate

Winter is here…and that means you’ll be spending more money heating your house to keep you and your family comfortable during the cold spells. One way to reduce these costs is to make sure that your home is properly insulated, and that includes your garage. If this sounds like an unnecessary cost to you, then read on to find out why you might want to insulate your garage and garage door.

Why should you insulate your garage?

Insulation helps to keep the warmth in and the cold air out. This may not be much of a factor for detached garages, but if your garage is joined on to your house, it could be letting out a great deal of heat from your house if it is not properly insulated. This means it will take more energy from your heating system to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

This could also be an issue if you have a heating system in your garage itself. Perhaps you spend a lot of time in your garage and want to keep it warm when you’re in there. This heat could be rapidly escaping from your garage if you don’t have an insulated garage door. There are different types of insulation available for your garage, so you can choose the type that suits your requirements and budget.

Other benefits of an insulated garage door

It’s not just warmth that escapes through your garage door, but also sound. Having your garage door insulated can help to reduce the level of noise that comes in from outside, or vice versa. So, if you’re trying to work in your garage and don’t want to be distracted by noisy neighbors or howling winds, insulation can help you out. Or, maybe your kids have band practice in your garage and you’re worried about the noise bothering the neighbors.

What else lets heat escape?

As well as uninsulated doors letting heat escape from your garage and home, broken garage doors, or ones with broken door openers, also increase the amount of heat that is let out. If your garage door is particularly old or is faulty, weak, or broken, then it will not insulate from the cold and the noise as well as a new garage door. You may require a tune up to improve this or might need to replace the garage door entirely.

If your garage door isn’t doing its job properly when it comes to the cold winter months, get in touch with Carolina Garage Door to find out how we can help keep your garage and home insulated. We serve a wide area in North Carolina, including Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.

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Should I Replace or Repair My Broken Garage Door?

Should I Replace or Repair My Broken Garage Door?

Your garage door is a vital component of the security, accessibility, and efficiency of your household. Therefore, it is worth looking after properly. If it becomes broken or damaged, then you’ll want to get it up and running again in the most efficient and cost-effective way. This will often involve the decision of whether to get your garage door repaired or to replace the whole garage door.

When to repair your garage door

Many issues that can affect your garage door are easily repairable at reasonable prices. A garage door repair man will be able to help with the following issues:

A damaged panel – If a panel on your garage door has been damaged, whether that’s by the weather or your kids kicking a ball around, the individual panel can be repaired or replaced at a reasonable price.

Improper alignment – If you notice that your garage door is sloping or unbalanced as you open it, this can lead to more serious damage in the long run. This issue can be easily fixed by replacing the door springs and rehanging the door.

Broken garage door spring – If the door suddenly becomes more difficult to open, or won’t open at all, then it could be an issue with the door springs. Calling someone to replace your garage door springs is an affordable and safe alternative to letting them wear down even more.

When to replace your garage door

Other times, garage door repair might not be feasible, or it might simply make more sense to replace the door. Here are a few cases where you should consider garage door replacement:

Severe damage – If damage to your garage door affects several of the door’s panels, then it is usually more cost-effective to replace the entire door rather than replacing each panel individually.

Old garage doors – If your garage door is very old, it might be difficult to source the parts required to repair the garage door, especially if that particular model is no longer in production. Newer garage doors also have the benefit of being more energy efficient and child friendly than older models.

After a break in – In the unlikely case that someone breaks into your home through the garage door, the best course of action is to have the door replaced so that it does not happen again. Newer garage doors have more advanced security features to help prevent break ins.

If you need a garage door tune-up or replacement, get in touch with Carolina Garage Door for our expert services. We serve cities across North Carolina, including Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.

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How to Open Your Garage Door Manually

How to Open Your Garage Door Manually

Can you imagine a time before electric garage doors? They save us so much time and energy, opening the garage door before us with just the click of a button. But, would you still know how to get into your garage in the case of a power outage or a fault with the door itself?

Don’t get locked out (or in!). Here’s how you can open your electric garage door manually if you ever need to.

When you’re locked in

If you can’t open your garage door electronically but still have access to the garage through the house, then there’s a fairly simple solution for opening up your garage door manually. The majority of garage door openers have a bypass switch, which allows you to override the electronics and open it manually. This can also be useful if you have lost your electronic remote.

In most cases, the garage door opener will have a red rope hanging down from it, perhaps with a handle on the end. All you need to do is pull on this rope away from the garage door to disengage the lever and disconnect the garage door from its power. You may require a ladder to safely reach this cord. Now, the door can be operated manually. The garage door should be easy to open just by lifting it with both hands.

To return the garage door opener back to its automatic mode once you’ve got power back again, pull on the rope again but towards the direction of the garage door to reengage the lever. You may also be able to reactivate it just by using your electronic remote.

When you’re locked out

If your electric garage door is the only way into the garage and it fails for whatever reason, then things are bit trickier and you’ll essentially have to break into your garage. To do this, you’ll need something to wedge into the top of the door and something to hook onto the lever inside, such as a coat hanger or bent wire.

Place the wedge under the weather proofing strip at the top of the door to form a gap, then maneuver your hooked wire through the gap, locate the emergency latch, and pull it towards yourself to disengage this. This is easier if you know where everything is located inside, so take some time to familiarize yourself with the garage door opener from inside your garage in case this situation ever arises. Once you’ve done this, you can simply lift the garage door open yourself. Watch this video for a quick demonstration.

If you’re worried about the security risk that this second option poses, then this article has some tips for securing your garage door. Of course, this will mean you can’t use this technique yourself if you’re ever locked out, but it’ll also mean others will find it more difficult to break in.

If the issues with your garage door are caused by faulty equipment, then contact Carolina Garage Door for all your garage door maintenance needs. We serve Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville. Also, make sure to perform regular check-ups on your garage door to help prevent getting locked out due to faults.


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How Often Should You Schedule a Garage Door Tune-Up?

How Often Should You Schedule a Garage Door Tune-Up?

Your garage door experiences a lot of wear and tear. It’s constantly under attack from the weather, which can be particularly trying when the seasons change. On top of this, regular use can gradually wear away at the components and impact its condition. It can be easy to forget about your garage door, but it is a vital part of your house that needs regular maintenance.

Most people will only have the garage door serviced when something goes wrong. This can end up being costly, and could be prevented with a regular service. How regular does garage door maintenance need to be?

Annual check-up

It’s important to get your garage door seen to by a professional at least once a year. A garage door technician will review the condition of the door and all of its components, ensuring that everything is in good working order. They can check the alignment of the door and the tension of the garage door opener. They will also lubricate the parts, such as the hinges and rollers. All of this makes sure that your garage door opens and closes smoothly.

Perform your own checks

There are things you can do throughout the year, without calling out a professional, to help maintain your garage door. Performing these regular checks yourself will help you to spot any potential problems and correct them before they become complicated and expensive.

Monthly visual inspection

At least once a month, you should give your garage door a quick look-over to check for any signs of damage. The best way to do this is to inspect the door from the inside of the garage with the door closed. Look closely at the individual components to check for any signs of wear and tear.

Signs such as frayed cables, loose parts, or rusted hinges should be seen to. Spotting these warning signs early can allow you or a professional technician to tune up your garage door before problems arise. It’s much easier to tighten a part or replace a hinge than to have to get a new garage door.

You should also listen to the garage door as you open and close it. If it suddenly starts making strange noises or gets louder, then it could indicate a problem.

Performing these quick checks and getting a professional technician to perform an annual garage door service can help to keep your garage door in top condition, avoiding costly replacements. If you need garage door maintenance in the Triad area, then we at Carolina Garage Door can help. We serve Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville. Get in touch today.

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How to Choose a Garage Door Installer

How to Choose a Garage Door Installer

So, it’s time to replace your garage door. Maybe you already know what you want and just need to find the right person or company to install it. Or, maybe you also need an installer that can advise you on selecting a garage door. Either way, the service you hire to install your garage door is very important.

Here is some of our best advice for choosing a garage door installer.


Have a rough budget in mind when looking for a garage door installer. This will help you to avoid anyone that is too expensive for what you’re looking for, and also any providers whose prices might seem too good to be true. Shop around installation companies in your area to try and find the best deal.


You want an installer that knows garage doors like the back of their hand. Check how long they have been working in the trade to get an idea of how much experience they have with garage door repairs and installations. It can also be useful to check how much experience they have working in the area you live in, as there will be certain factors that apply specifically to the area.


Whenever you buy a product or service, it’s always a good idea to read reviews or testimonials beforehand. Check to see if they have any published on their website or if customers have left reviews on their Facebook page, for example. If you can’t find any, then ask them directly if they can provide you with any. If the answer is no, then they might not be the most reputable source. It is also worth asking around your friends, family, and neighbours to see if they have any recommendations.

Check their accreditations as well, whether that’s with a certain manufacturer or an official organization such as the International Door Association.

Products and services

First of all, the installer obviously needs to be able to provide the service you are looking for. Do they do repair and installation, or are they just working in garage door sales? Also, find out what garage doors they stock and whether they have what you are looking for. Retailers with a range of products will allow you more choice when selecting your garage door.

We offer top-quality garage door repair and installation in the North Carolina area, serving Winston Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, and High Point. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.


How energy efficient is your garage door?

How energy efficient is your garage door?

We often make efforts to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, but the garage is part of the house that’s often neglected. Having an energy efficient garage is still important, especially if it is attached directly to your house.

A well-insulated garage door Is necessary to keep the temperature of your house and garage under control without wasting too much energy, especially in extreme temperatures. Issues such as damp can also arise from a poorly insulated garage door.

Or maybe you’re looking for a way to save your business money with a more energy efficient commercial garage door. Either way, bear these five things in mind if it’s time to replace your garage door.


Most of the materials popularly used in garage doors are lightweight and, therefore, not the best insulators. Steel, aluminium, and fiberglass, for example, are commonly used for garage doors, but offer little insulation. Opting for a low gauge steel will give you a thicker garage door for extra insulation. Wood is more insulative than steel and is popular for its stylish look on garage doors, but steel is often better to reinforce with extra insulation.

Extra insulation

Polystyrene or polyurethane foam are commonly used to insulate garage doors further. You can buy specially insulated garage doors or have your garage door insulated later. Insulated doors are also stronger, making them more resistant to damage.

Professionally fitted

If your garage door has not been fitted properly, then it may have gaps around the door where air can easily leak out (and in). Having your garage door fitted by an experienced professional will ensure it is well-sealed.


You might choose to have windows fitted in your garage door because you like the way it looks, or to let in some natural light if you use your garage as a workspace. Windows can be a major source of lost heat, so make sure you opt for double-glazed windows if you decide to include them.

Garage door opener

Electronic garage door openers are convenient, but keep in mind that they’ll be increasing your energy usage. Choosing a door opener with a standby mode can help reduce the amount of energy used when it is not in use.

Is it time you had a garage door tune up? Try out our garage door visualization tool for your perfect custom design. Carolina Garage Door provide a professional and affordable garage door service in the Triad area of NC, including Greensboro and Winston-Salem.


The Ultimate Accessory: The Garage Door Opener

The Ultimate Accessory: The Garage Door Opener

Without an electronic garage door opener, lifting your garage door is just another cumbersome chore and potential safety hazard. When we refer to the opener, we are referring to the motorized machine that helps to lift your garage door. This motor is typically paired with a switch or remote that others may also refer to as an “opener,” so don’t be confused.
The electronic garage door opener was first introduced in the mid 1920’s in Indiana but didn’t become popular until after the addition of the keypad, after World War II.
Most garage door opener models are mounted on the ceiling of a garage and use a chain, belt, or screw system to pull and lift the door. Because most garage doors are too heavy for the machinery to lift on its own, so the opener relies on the counterbalance of the springs to do most of the work.
We offer standard openers (chain-driven) and ultimate openers (belt-driven). All our openers come with a LIFETIME warranty on the motor, a 5-year warranty on the chain rails and mechanical parts and a 1-year warranty on electrical components.
If your garage door opener needs a repair or if you need installation of a new garage door opener, we can help. If your garage door won’t open, it could be a number of problems that may or may not be related to the opener and/or the remotes. We can diagnose your problem and repair your garage door quickly and efficiently.
Call us to discuss our garage door opener brand offerings or to schedule your repair or installation today


How To Choose Your New Garage Door

How To Choose Your New Garage Door

There are so many factors to consider when replacing your garage door: style, color, material, budget, and more. The first decision you must make is when to replace your garage door. Most garage doors will structurally last 15 to 30 years, depending on the amount of use and environmental factors. However, to keep your door updated and in reliable condition, it is recommended that garage doors be replaced at least every 10 to 15 years.

You may also want to replace your garage door if you are remodeling or selling your home or if you just bought a new home and want a more personalized door. Your garage door occupies roughly 30 to 40 percent of the surface of your home’s facade, so it is imperative to keep it in tune with your home’s architectural style as well as your personal taste.

There are three main styles of stock garage doors that will pair well with any home. Traditional garage doors will stand the test of time with an evergreen style. These doors typically have raised panels or ribbing for detail and come in almost any paint color. Carriage house garage doors speak to the history of garage doors and look like barn doors that swing open. Contemporary garage doors are a more modern option with a variety of sleek styles, often with many windows or frosted glass panels.

Another important detail to consider about your garage door is the material. You will want to base your decision on the weather conditions around your home and the feel of the material as it relates to your home’s style. Wood doors offer a warm, traditional beauty and can be painted or stained any number of colors to compliment your home. However, wood doors are the least durable and require the most maintenance. Steel garage doors have become the most popular option as they are durable, easily maintained, and can be pressed with designs to look like a traditional wood door. Vinyl doors are another popular, durable option. Vinyl is rust and dent resistant and this material withstands weather elements. If you’re looking for another rust-resistant, low-maintenance option, choose aluminum. Aluminum garage doors are popular for contemporary homes because they offer a sleek, modern look.

Design details such as color, windows and hardware will help you complete the look of your new garage door. The color of your garage door can set the tone for the overall look and feel. Consider matching your garage door to the color of your front door or window trim. Other factors to consider when choosing your garage door’s color would be the material and color of your home and the color or tone of other garage doors in the neighborhood. A lighter garage door color will better highlight design details and added hardware. You can accent your garage door with hardware accessories such as hinges and handles. These accents are most popular on carriage house garage doors. You can also opt for faux windows to break up the solid color of your garage door. If your garage needs more natural light, you may even consider adding glass window panels to the top of your garage door. These are especially useful if your garage has no other windows or source of natural light.

Once you’ve decided on how your garage door should look, you should consider its functionality. If your garage is heated or attached to your home, we recommend buying a garage door that is insulated. This will reduce noise both from the operation of your garage door and from outside noise. Insulation will also make your door more energy-efficient and help protect your door from weather elements.

Budget will come into play once you narrow down a look and style for your garage door. It may also help you make decisions on door material, size and decorative details. When you’re considering your budget, remember that your garage door is an investment. It should cost roughly 1% of the value of your home. On average, a well-designed garage door will boost the value of your home’s curb appeal and result in a 90% return on investment. Remember that your budget must be inclusive of the garage door, the installation and any accessories you may need, such as an opener.

There are different ways to decide which new garage door is best for your home. You can browse our gallery for inspiration then use the design tool on your website to build the door of your dreams. Our design tool is run by our main garage door manufacturer so you can rest assured that your door will look like your design. You can also visit our showroom where you’ll be able to see and feel different garage door materials and our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have. Visit or call us today to start the process of buying a new garage door.