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Choosing Commercial Garage Doors

Choosing Commercial Garage Doors

Many businesses have the need for garage doors, whether that’s for a large garage that’s storing a fleet of work vehicles or an area that’s used for storage of inventory or equipment. If you’re in the market for one or more garage doors for your business, then here are a few top tips for choosing your commercial garage doors.

What will be using the garage door?

Think about what you will be using the garage door for? What will be coming in and out of it? If vehicles need access to the garage, then you need to make sure that the opening is large enough to accommodate them comfortably.

How much use will it get?

Will people and vehicles be in and out of the garage door all day? If so, it may be important for you to invest in a high-speed opening garage door or an automated one to save you time. If it will only be used occasionally, then this might not be a top priority for you.

Is it insulated?

A well-insulated garage door can help to keep the costs of your business down by keeping in heat while preventing cold air and rain from getting into the building. This also helps to protect your assets indoors from water damage.

Is it secure?

Your business and its assets are your livelihood, so you need to make sure that your commercial garage door is not susceptible to break ins. Modern garage doors have many security features to help prevent this, but if your business is particularly vulnerable, then certain security upgrades might be necessary.

How do you want it to look?

For businesses, the aesthetics of a garage door might not be as important as for residential properties, but if your business serves the public, then it may still be something to consider. Think about what kind of style you want from your garage door as well as the color and materials used and whether you want windows fitted.

To help you choose the right garage door for your commercial property, try our garage door visualization tool. We have garage doors in a wide variety of sizes and materials to meet your needs exactly.

With Carolina Garage Door, you don’t need to look for separate manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of your new garage door. We do it all! As well as supplying new garage doors for your home or business, we can install and repair them, offering a professional service and fast turnaround times.

If your garage door needs repairing or replacing, then get in touch with us today for installation and maintenance services in the Triad area. We proudly serve Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.


The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Projects

The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Projects

DIY is all the rage. It’s a way to potentially save some money and feel a sense of accomplishment at achieving something yourself. But, is it always the best option? Sure, repainting the walls in your living room could be a good alternative to calling in the professionals, but there are certain jobs that can end up being more expensive, extremely time-consuming, and even dangerous if you go it alone.

Why you should call the professionals for garage door projects

When you’re not experienced with a certain task, there’s always the risk that it’ll go wrong. When it comes to garage doors, this is a risk you don’t want to take. If a garage door fails because it has been repaired or replaced incorrectly, then it can cause a lot of damage. A garage door falling or a door spring or cable snapping and flying off can result in serious injuries to anyone standing nearby.

Performing DIY on your garage door also leaves you liable. This means that if anyone does get injured as a result of your failed work, you could be deemed the one at fault. This applies to insurance, too. If the garage door becomes irreparably damaged after your DIY work, some insurance companies will not pay out for the damages unless the work has been done by a professional.

Sub-par garage door repairs could also leave your home more vulnerable as any points of weakness will make it easier to break into. This means that hiring a professional is essential for the security of your garage. Vulnerabilities will also reduce the effectiveness of insulation, so your garage door will be more susceptible to cold air and rain getting into your garage and heat escaping from it.

Hiring a professional to fix your garage door ensures that the job is done right the first time. So, your door will be left fully functioning and less likely to break again in the near future if you leave it to the pros.

Services we provide

At Carolina Garage Door, we offer a wide range of garage door repair, replacement, and maintenance services to help give you peace of mind. These services are available for both commercial and residential customers and include:

  • Garage door spring repair
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Realignment if your garage door is off track
  • General tune-up
  • Garage door replacement/installation

So, if you need a garage door tune up or your door needs repairing or replacing, don’t risk going it alone. Contact us at Carolina Garage Door for the above services in and around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.