Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

There are a variety of different materials that could be used to make your garage door, whether that’s at home or on commercial premises. One that is less often seen is the use of glass for garage doors. Should you choose a glass garage door? Let’s weight up some of the benefits and potential dangers to help make your mind up.

All about glass garage doors

Glass garage doors are typically made up of sections of glass panels joined together by aluminum framings. They are more commonly used by businesses, but can also be used for home garages. For example, a car dealership may use a glass garage door to allow customers to still look inside at what is on offer.

The advantages of glass garage doors

Why would you choose a sectional glass garage door over traditional, solid doors? These are some of the benefits glass garage doors have to offer.

Easier to heat in winter – If you’ve ever been in a room with big windows during summer, you know how hot they can get as the sun streams through the glass. A glass garage door will also let the sun through, which offers benefits in winter where you will notice a reduction in your energy bills as it will be easier to keep warm.

Lightweight – The combination of glass panels and aluminum, rather than steel, provides an extremely lightweight effect. This makes it much easier to open and close your garage door, allowing you to air it out in summer, too.

Durable – Glass garage doors are tough and long-lasting, able to withstand practically anything the weather can throw at it. This means they will not need repairing or replacing too regularly, as long as you keep them maintained properly.

Modern style – If you’re looking for a more modern appearance for your home or commercial garage door, then glass is a great option. It provides a nice look for the front of your home or business and can be designed in a variety of different styles.

Any disadvantages?

You should also consider the potential disadvantages of upgrading to a glass garage door. They do pose a possible security risk if people can see into your garage, especially if you are storing valuable goods. Obviously, glass is easily breakable compared to steel. You can mitigate this risk by treating the glass with an opaque film. This means that the sunlight can still get through, but prying eyes are kept at bay.

Glass garage doors may also need cleaning more regularly than solid doors if you want them to look their best.

If you want a glass garage door installed in your home or business in North Carolina, contact us today. We serve a range of areas, including Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.


Considering a Detached Garage?

Considering a Detached Garage?

As the nation’s prosperity grew in the 1940s, it became increasingly common for families to own a car and, therefore, require a garage. Within the next decade, attached garages became a the most common entry point to a home. Now, it’s almost unheard-of to find a new home without a garage, a majority of which are attached.

It’s ingrained in many of us that detached garage doors are antiquated, but they are slowly making a comeback. Why are so many people now considering a detached garage?

Keeping the bad garage things out of home




Fire hazards or dangerous materials

Design advantages

Add on

less cluttered (inside)

Shaped, sized more accurately

Additional living/working space

Mentioned add ons… could add on guest house or hobby space

Use it as a workshop or home office – secluded

If you have the space, and don’t mind being subjected to the elements when entering you home, detach fo sho


Time To Replace Your Electric Garage Door Opener

Time To Replace Your Electric Garage Door Opener

The housing market has been on the rise in early months this year. Have you bought a new home recently? You may have noticed that your garage door opener is just as dated as other parts of your home, which means its time for an upgrade.

Keep Your Family Safe

Whether you park in your garage, use it as storage or activity space, or simply use it as an entrance, the garage is the main entry point to the home for about 70% of people.

Now that you’re realizing how often your family uses the garage, think about how important garage door safety is to you. Not just for security, but also keeping your family safe from harm.

Prior to 1993, door openers had only one automatic (or “mechanical”) reversal system. This system uses the pressure detected from objects or people to stop the door from closing and reverse the direction for safety.

After a string of door-related accidents involving children, U.S. and Canadian authorities added a second safety system using photo-cell safety beams. This device sends a beam of concentrated light across the path of the garage door so, if the light is broken (meaning there is someone or something obstructing the path), the door will reverse rather than close.

Reduce noise, especially if your bedroom is located over the garage

If your door opener is an older model, it may operate with a chain drive system that often causes a lot of noise. Today, most garage door openers use rubber belts (reinforced with metal fibers similar to the way car tires are made) that are proven to be much quieter. However, if your opener is still making too much noise, it could be another sign that it’s time to replace.

Today, we are talking about connected homes

In our technology-driven world, it’s expected that opening and closing your garage door can be done with a mobile devie. Chamberlain Group (LiftMaster and Craftsman) have offered this type of “remote” garage door technology MyQ since 2013. If you have a model opener from this year, you may even be able to connect it to wifi or use voice commands to open and close your garage door.

If you’re experiencing issues with your garage door opener and need a repair or replacement, give us a call today. Our experts can set you up with the best device for your budget and needs.