Don’t Forget the Garage When Buying A New Home

A lot of consideration goes into buying a new home, as it should do. After all, this is perhaps the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life. House hunters view every room, imagining what it would be like to live there and making sure that everything meets their standards. But the same amount of attention is not usually given to the garage.

Is having a garage a priority for you? Don’t just inspect and ask questions about the house, look around the garage and consider whether it meets your needs.

How important is the garage?

The first thing to decide is how much of a priority the garage is to you. Is it a must-have for your new home or would you be willing to sacrifice it for an otherwise perfect house? If the garage is a must-have, then consider what you’ll be using it for and what you require of it. Does it need to be a certain size? If you plan on parking a car in your new garage, then make sure it will be big enough for this purpose.

Detached or attached

Is it important to you whether your garage is attached to your house or detached? There are pros and cons to each, so think about what you’ll be using your garage for and how often you’ll use it to decide which is better for you and how important this is. If you want to use your garage as a workshop or a kids’ playroom, for example, then it would be more convenient if you can access the garage directly from your home.

Do you need the extra storage?

When looking around the interior of the house, pay attention to how many closets there are and how much storage space there is, in general. Is there an attic, basement, or spare room where you could store a lot of extra belongings? This could help you determine how much storage space you would need inside your garage.

Is there space to build or extend a garage?

Take a look at the space available at each property you look around. If you’ve found a property you like but it doesn’t have a garage, is there enough room for you to build one. Also, consider whether or not this would be within your budget. Or, if you’ve found a house you like but the garage is on the small side, is there enough space to extend it or add a second garage?

It’s important to consider every factor carefully when deciding which house to buy, as this is a long-term investment. If you need help when planning an extension or a new garage, and the new garage door to go with it, then contact Carolina Garage Door.


The Best Lighting for Your Garage

Lighting serves various purposes in and around your home. It’s not just for practicality, but also for safety, security, and aesthetic purposes. When it comes to selecting lighting for your garage, you should think about both the interior and exterior. Here are some lighting essentials you might need to consider for your garage.

Indoor lights

Lighting is essential inside any garage, especially if you spend time in there working on your car or at a workbench, for example. If your garage doesn’t have any windows, then this lighting may be necessary at all times of the day. Even if you don’t spend much time inside your garage, lighting is still needed to allow you to find stored items in there and not trip over any clutter on the ground.

The type of lighting you install and the number of lighting fixtures will depend largely on how you use your garage, as well as personal preferences. Fluorescent lighting is usually the most popular choice for residential garages, although LED lighting is also gaining popularity. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, then you might want to prioritize energy-efficient lighting to help you cut down on your electricity bills.

If you do spend time at a workbench, then you might want to install additional lighting over this area. Or you could simply add a desk lamp to your workbench, or one that clamps onto the bench.

Security lights

Many homeowners install motion-activated lighting outside their garage door to help boost security. The garage can often be the most vulnerable entry point in your house, so it’s important to deter potential thieves from breaking in and potentially stealing or damaging your property and belongings.

Motion-activated lights switch on as soon as someone enters a certain range. This may attract attention from neighbors and people passing by, making it more likely that any potential opportunists could be caught. This is often enough to deter that person from attempting to break-in.

Landscaping lights

Lighting outside your garage and around your garage door can also serve decorative and aesthetic purposes, not just practical ones. You can use landscape lighting to highlight certain aspects of your home and garage design. You might want to highlight the garage door itself if you are particularly proud of the design and quality.

Uplighting the walls to either side of your garage door helps to accent them and add texture to the appearance of the front of your home. You could also use path lights to highlight the way to your garage and to show off any plants or shrubs planted in the area.

Whether you need a new garage door or are just upgrading your garage with lighting and other accessories, we can guide you toward the best choices. If you need garage door installation, repair, or maintenance around Winston Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, and High Point then contact Carolina Garage Door today.