Tips for Heating and Cooling Your Garage

Garages are typically less insulated and more exposed to the outdoors than the rest of your house. This can make it much more difficult to control the temperature inside your garage. They have a tendency to be extremely cold in the winter and hot and stuffy in the summer. This article will give you some tips on heating and cooling your garage all year round.

Do you need an HVAC system?

You can maintain a comfortable temperature in your garage whatever the weather with an HVAC system installed in there. But this can have high running costs, along with the initial cost of installation. So, it’s important to consider whether you really need an HVAC system or not, since you don’t want to end up wasting money.

The main thing you should consider is how much time you or your family members spend in the garage. If you’re only in there briefly when getting into and out of your car a few times a day, then the temperature isn’t too important. However, if you spend time on hobbies or projects in your garage, then you’ll want it to remain temperate.

Another consideration is whether you have a detached or an attached garage. An attached garage can affect the temperature inside your home, making it more difficult and expensive to maintain the right temperature. So, heating your garage in winter, for example, can help to keep your home warm, too.

Heating and cooling without an HVAC system

Installing an HVAC system in your garage will allow you to maintain your preferred temperature, but what if you decide not to invest in HVAC? Or maybe you have one but want to find out ways to spend less money on your heating and cooling. Here are some tips to help maintain a comfortable garage temperature without HVAC…

  • Insulation – An insulated garage door can lower heating and cooling costs by keeping the cold air out and the warm air in, and vice versa in the summer. Insulating the walls of your garage adds to this, making it easier to control the internal temperature.
  • Ventilation – One of the reasons garages get so hot and humid in warm weather is because they are not properly ventilated. Many garages don’t have windows and the door is closed most of the time. Adding windows to your garage door or ventilating it using fans and vents can help to keep you cool.
  • Eliminate draughts – Cracks and gaps in the walls or around your garage door will let draughts in from outside. While this may provide a welcome breeze in the summer, it will also make your garage much colder in the winter. Filling in any gaps and adding weatherstripping around your door will help to eliminate these draughts.

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Designing Your Custom Garage Door

One of the best things about owning your own home is being able to design and redesign it however you like. Think about garage doors; you no longer need to put up with the standard garage door that every other house on your street has. You can design a custom door that suits your home, style, and the needs of you and your family.

Whether you want a different style, a different color, a different size, or a different type of door, Carolina Garage Door can help you design the custom garage door that’s right for you.

The benefits of a custom garage door

If you have a garage that’s slightly different to the standard size and shape, then choosing a custom garage door ensures that you still get a door that fits your garage perfectly. Maybe you’re building a new garage and want it to be wider than a standard garage in order to fit your car comfortably. A custom garage door is the perfect companion to this.

You might also be looking for a specific aesthetic for your garage and the front of your home. In this case, being able to choose every aspect of your new garage door helps to make sure you’re not disappointed by the end result. Whether you’re going for a rustic farmhouse look or a more modern aesthetic, you can choose the style, material, and colors that suit your idea.

Try our online garage door visualizer program

If you’re starting to design your custom garage door or are having difficulty imagining how it will look, then try out our online garage door visualizer program to help you. This takes you through step-by-step to test out different styles, sizes, colors, and materials. Just start off by entering the size or dimensions of your garage door to see a range of styles you can choose from.

Go through a number of options in order to see the end result, helping you imagine how it would look and to see whether you like the style. You can even upload a photo of the front of your home and garage to literally visualize your custom design on your home. Alternatively, you can choose one of our sample homes to view your design on.

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