What to do when you have a broken spring?

There are a few types of springs that can go on a garage door. Torsion springs which are located at the top of the door on a bar. Extension springs are located on the side with the track. We recommend calling a professional to replace broken springs.

My garage door is noisy how can I fix this?

Non insulated doors are always going to produce more noise than if it was insulated. A great way to help with this issue is to get a Tune-Up done on your garage door once a year. Carolina Garage Door can help you with this. Another idea would be to replace your worn out rollers with our high quality nylon 13-ball bearing rollers lifetime warranty.

My door will not open with the remotes, but will with the wall panel what can I do? 

If your remotes will not open the door but your wall panel will be sure to check the wall panel for a vacation switch. If this switch is in the on position then this will disable the remotes. Another idea would be to check the batteries in the remote.


My door will not close...

If your door attempts to go down and the goes back up and the light on the motor blinks (often its 3X) this could mean that your safety eyes at the bottom of the door are mis-aligned or something is blocking the beam. Check to be sure it stays clean around your safety eyes and they have not been moved.