How energy efficient is your garage door?

How energy efficient is your garage door?

We often make efforts to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, but the garage is part of the house that’s often neglected. Having an energy efficient garage is still important, especially if it is attached directly to your house.

A well-insulated garage door Is necessary to keep the temperature of your house and garage under control without wasting too much energy, especially in extreme temperatures. Issues such as damp can also arise from a poorly insulated garage door.

Or maybe you’re looking for a way to save your business money with a more energy efficient commercial garage door. Either way, bear these five things in mind if it’s time to replace your garage door.


Most of the materials popularly used in garage doors are lightweight and, therefore, not the best insulators. Steel, aluminium, and fiberglass, for example, are commonly used for garage doors, but offer little insulation. Opting for a low gauge steel will give you a thicker garage door for extra insulation. Wood is more insulative than steel and is popular for its stylish look on garage doors, but steel is often better to reinforce with extra insulation.

Extra insulation

Polystyrene or polyurethane foam are commonly used to insulate garage doors further. You can buy specially insulated garage doors or have your garage door insulated later. Insulated doors are also stronger, making them more resistant to damage.

Professionally fitted

If your garage door has not been fitted properly, then it may have gaps around the door where air can easily leak out (and in). Having your garage door fitted by an experienced professional will ensure it is well-sealed.


You might choose to have windows fitted in your garage door because you like the way it looks, or to let in some natural light if you use your garage as a workspace. Windows can be a major source of lost heat, so make sure you opt for double-glazed windows if you decide to include them.

Garage door opener

Electronic garage door openers are convenient, but keep in mind that they’ll be increasing your energy usage. Choosing a door opener with a standby mode can help reduce the amount of energy used when it is not in use.

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