Extending Your Garage or Adding a Second Garage

Do you need more space from your garage? We’ve talked about extending above your garage to add a bedroom or another new space in your house, but what if it’s the garage itself that needs more space? You have two main options if you’re in this position, build a second garage or simply extend your existing garage. Let’s look at these options to help you decide.

Reasons to extend or build a new garage

Is it worth extending your garage or adding a second one? If you have the need for it, then it can certainly be worthwhile. Here are some reasons why a garage extension might come in handy:

  • To create more space for parking your car or to fit a second vehicle
  • To add more storage space
  • To create more space for a workshop, home gym, or other uses of the space
  • To create space to add appliances such as a washing machine, dryer, or fridge/freezer

These home improvements can give you a more functional space and also free up space in your house.

Which is right for you?

When deciding between extending your existing garage and building a second one, the main things to consider are your budget, the space you have available, and the purpose of your extension. If you only have a small amount of space, then a simple extension may be your only option. Alternatively, if you have no space around your garage, then building a second one elsewhere on your property could be an option.

A new garage will typically provide you with more additional space than extending your garage, but remember that it’s also likely to be more costly due to the need for more materials and higher labor costs. HomeAdvisor provides guidelines for the average costs of remodeling a garage or building a new garage.

Think about your new garage doors as well. Of course, a new garage will require a new, additional door. If you’re extending, then plan how big your extension will be and research garage door sizes to figure out if a single garage door or double garage doors would be more suitable.

If you’re planning on adding a second garage, then contact Carolina Garage Door for a high-quality new garage door and installation services. We can also provide all the repair and maintenance that you need for your garage doors, serving homes and businesses around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.