Garage Door Security Tips

Garage Door Security Tips

Your garage is an extension of your home, so its security can be just as important as securing the front door of your house. If you keep valuable items in your garage or if your garage is another means of access to your house, then keeping intruders out is essential. Let’s look at some simple ways to improve your garage door security.


Ideally, your garage door should have multiple locking points to help keep burglars out. Many old garage doors only have one lock, making them much easier to break into by drilling into and damaging the lock. Multiple locks and keypads for secure entry can help to deter anyone trying to break in.

Be vigilant

Locks are no good if you don’t lock them, so make sure that you and all your family members remain vigilant when it comes to closing and locking the door once they leave the garage. Suffering a break-in just because of absent-mindedness is something that’s easily avoidable.

Garage door monitor

If you’re worried that you or others in your household might forget to lock your garage door, then it makes good sense to install a garage door monitor. This lets you know whether the garage door is open or closed, and locked or unlocked, so you have no excuse for leaving it unlocked and unsecured.

Motion activated light

Another deterrent for thieves is a big bright light shining in their faces. An outdoor light over your garage door can be installed with motion sensors, so that it will illuminate whenever someone approaches your garage. This draws attention to the thief and is likely to put them off attempting to break in.

Cover windows

If your garage has windows that intruders can see into your garage through, then it is a good idea to keep these covered at night and when you are away from your home. Someone is much more likely to target your garage if they can see that there are valuables inside.

Secure service door

Many garages have a service door as well as the main garage door. Don’t forget to secure this door as well as the main entry door. Having a lock and deadbolt on your service door can help to beef up your security.

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