Garage Flooring Options

When you picture a garage floor, the first image that comes to mind might be unfinished concrete. But it doesn’t have to be like this in your garage. Sure, you probably don’t want polished hardwood floors if you’re going to be working with tools and parking your car, but there are still a variety of flooring options that could improve the appearance of your garage and even make it more comfortable.

Let’s look at some garage flooring options for you to consider…

Polished concrete

If you’re happy with your concrete flooring but still want to neaten it up and make it look nicer, then you can opt for a polished concrete floor. This makes it look sleeker and more appealing than unfinished concrete, and is still tough and durable.

Tile flooring

There are various kinds of tile flooring you could choose for your garage. A popular choice is interlocking tiles or jigsaw tiles. These are commonly made out of rubber or vinyl and easily connect together with interconnecting grooves on each side of the tile. This makes them easy to apply and dismantle, so you can remove and replace a single tile if it becomes damaged. You can create a solid-colored floor or mix and match to create patterned flooring.

Roll out mats

Large roll out mats, as the name suggests, simply roll out to cover your garage floor. These also come in a range of materials, such as vinyl, rubber, and various plastics. They can be textured to create a less slippery surface. These mats create a durable surface that’s still comfortable underfoot, although you can’t remove sections when repairs are needed, unlike tiles.


Another low maintenance option is to simply paint over the existing floor to give it a nicer aesthetic and to add a layer of protection. You can choose from a variety of paint colors to achieve the style you like. Make sure the floor is clean and free of cracks before undertaking this.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy is another option that you can paint onto your existing floor, except it creates a slightly tougher surface compared to paint, making your garage floor more durable and resistant to moisture. Again, you can choose from various colors and styles.

A new garage door may be first on your list of garage renovations (since it offers such a good return on investment), but think next about your garage floor. Having supportive flooring underfoot can be especially important in commercial garage spaces where workers spend many hours per day. So, think about the perfect flooring to go with your commercial garage door.

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