Installing a Basketball Hoop Over Your Garage Door

If you want to get your kids more active at home or have fun as a whole family, then a simple way to achieve this is with a basketball hoop in your driveway. Then all you need is a ball, and it’s an activity someone can enjoy by themselves as well as with others. A basketball hoop over the garage door is a classic, instantly turning your driveway into a small basketball court, great for practicing free throws or having a game of one-on-one.

We’ve got some tips and considerations for you if you’re thinking of installing a basketball hoop over your garage door.

Where to affix your basketball hoop

Your hoop will likely either be installed directly above the garage door and beneath the roof, depending on if there is a large enough space there, or on the roof itself, depending on the angle and overhang of your roof. Homes with double garage may also be able to add a hoop in between the two garages if there is enough of a gap. Make sure that the hoop does not obstruct the opening and closing of your garage door, and the garage must be structurally sound enough to be able to support the hoop and the mounting process.

Consider your driveway surface

Basketball hoops obviously aren’t going to be suited to gravel driveways. A smooth concrete or paved driveway is ideal, so it’s easy to go ahead with your plan if you already have a suitable surface for dribbling. If you don’t, then you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth repaving your driveway in order to use it as a court. Think about how much your family will actually use it when making this decision.

Consider damage to your garage door

If your kids and their friends are playing around your garage door with a ball, then consider the fact that you’ll likely be cleaning your door more often than usual, and that damage may occur. The ball hitting your door could cause scuff marks or could even dent your door slightly, or your kids may be more likely to fall or crash into the door and cause damage to it. And if your garage door has windows, there’s a chance they’re going to get smashed. Look into ways of reinforcing your door and windows if you do decide to install a hoop.

Homeowners’ associations

If your home is under the jurisdiction of a homeowners’ association, then you will need permission for installing a basketball hoop over your garage door. They may not allow this installation due to the potential damage already mentioned.

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