The pros and cons of heated garage floors

The garage is usually the most difficult part of the house to manage when it comes to temperature control, especially if you have a detached garage. If you spend cold winter days tinkering in your garage or you use the space as something else, like a gym or a kids’ playroom, then you might be looking for more effective ways to warm it up.

One option is to install underfloor heating in your garage, but is it worth it? Let’s look at some of the ins and outs of heated floors and the pros and cons of installing them in your garage.

How does underfloor heating work?

There are a few different types of underfloor heating, but they all work by radiating heat from the floor, allowing it to rise in the air to heat the room evenly. The two main types of underfloor heating are electric systems and pipe-based systems. So, either warm water runs through pipes installed beneath your floor to emit heat into the room, or an electrically heated wire does the same.

Just like other heating systems, a thermostat is used to control the temperature of the house or individual rooms, so that the underfloor heat is triggered when the room drops to a certain temperature.

Heated floors have some advantages over traditional heating systems such as radiators. They can heat a room more evenly because the warmth is coming from across the entire floor rather than one or two heating points. They can also heat the room more evenly because the warmth is coming from the floor and rising all the way up, so you won’t face the problem of having cold floors in an otherwise warm room.

What about when it comes to the garage? Of course, you’ve got to consider the cost of installing heated floors as well as the cost of running them, so it’s something that’s probably only worth your while if you regularly spend time in your garage. It is fairly easy to install, though, so the costs of installation should not be too high. And heated floors are pretty energy-efficient and cost-efficient compared to other options.

Underfloor heating is a versatile system that can be used with lots of different flooring materials, so it’s suited to most garages. But remember that your floor level will be raised slightly after installation, so make sure this is suitable for your garage.

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