The Pros and Cons of Roll Up Garage Doors

If it’s time for a new garage door, either commercially or residentially, then you might be wondering how to navigate all your different options. From wood to metal garage doors, various colors and finishes to choose from, and all the different styles of garage doors. As one of the most common garage door types, let’s look at roll up garage doors and some of the pros and cons of choosing one.

What is a roll up garage door?

A roll up garage door is made up of lots of small slats that essentially fold up one by one, causing the door to roll upwards in order to open. The rolled garage door sits at the top of the door when open, then rolls back down vertically to close. These are most commonly made from steel or aluminum, but fiberglass or wood can also be used.

The pros of roll up garage doors

Roll up garage doors are ideal for homes and garages with limited space. They tuck themselves up and out of the way when open, requiring very little clearance space when opening or closing. This means you’ll have more space in your garage to fit your vehicle or to store more things. And since the door doesn’t move into the ceiling of your garage, like some doors that open up and inwards, you can use your ceiling space for storage, too.

Roll up doors are extremely versatile. As already mentioned, they are available in a variety of materials, each with its own benefits, and are also available as either automatic or manual opening doors. They can also be made in a variety of sizes, meaning they can be made to fit large commercial garages. Roll up doors can also be insulated, helping with energy-efficiency and sound reduction.

A roll up garage door is also durable, particularly the steel options. This means they can effectively withstand weather conditions and will last a long time before needing replacing. Plus, they’re relatively easy to maintain.

The cons of roll up garage doors

When it comes to the potential downsides of roll up garage doors, they are not always a favorite when it comes to aesthetics. Particularly with steel rolling doors, some people find their appearance to be a little too industrial. They can be painted or finished in a variety of ways, but this should be done before installation. Customization options after installation are limited.

Since the installation can be complex, the initial costs of a roll up garage door can be higher than other alternatives. It is also not a job that you should DIY. Make sure you call a professional garage door technician to install your roll up garage door.

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