Tips for preventing water damage

Flooding caused by heavy rains or a burst pipe can do a lot of damage to your home and garage. And water damage can be even more of a risk in a space like your garage, which you may not pay as close attention to as the rest of your house. You don’t spend much time in your garage and may even go days without going inside it, so water may have seeped in during a rainstorm, for example, without you realizing it. 

First, consider how you can keep water out of your garage during heavy rainfall. High-quality and well-maintained weatherstripping is essential, producing seals around your garage door to prevent rain from getting through any gaps. You should also check the walls, foundations, and roof of your garage for any gaps, cracks, or damage that could let water through. Additionally, sealing your garage floor can add an extra layer of reinforcement.

Proper drainage around your garage is also essential. Make sure your gutters, downspouts, and drains are all clear, checking for and clearing any blockages to make sure that water can flow away freely during rain.

And the other risk is the plumbing and appliances inside your garage. Keep these well-maintained and check pipes for any damage. You could also consider fitting a water leak detector to react quickly and minimize damage if a leak or burst pipe does occur.

Repairing water damage in your garage

So, what if water damage does occur? The solution will depend on the severity of the flooding, as professional services and repair may be needed in bad cases. If the flooding is manageable, try to direct the excess water away from your garage and mop up the remaining water as quickly as you can. It’s also important to clean any affected surface due to any contaminants that may have been in the water.

Drying out your garage can be a long process, but you can use fans and dehumidifiers to speed it up, as well as your HVAC system if you have one in your garage. Just make sure any electrics are used safely if there is still water in the garage. If the rain has stopped, then open the garage door to get air into the garage and ventilate it.

Keep your garage in good condition year-round, including your garage door. If you need any garage door maintenance or repair, or if you’re planning on installing a new garage door, then contact us at Carolina Garage Door for trusted services around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.