Turn your garage into a man cave for football season


Football season is upon us and people all around the country are making plans for viewing parties when the season starts. Your garage could be the perfect place for watching the game, so read on for our tips on how to turn your garage into a “man cave” this football season.

The screen

You don’t want to be huddled around a tiny TV to watch the game. Give the sport the justice it deserves with a large, widescreen TV or, better yet, a projector to display the game on a blank wall in your garage if you have one that’s suitable. If you don’t have enough electrical outlets in your garage for everything you need, considering having new ones added or else running long extension cables into your house if it’s feasible.

The seating

Comfort is key for viewing parties, so you should make sure that you’ve got enough comfortable seating for everyone. If you don’t want to lug your home furnishings out to the garage every time, then it’s a better idea to get sofas and chairs that live in your garage permanently. For extra comfort, recliners are obviously the way forward.

The snacks

No football game is complete without a selection of snacks and drinks to accompany it. Make sure your fridge and cupboards are well-stocked before the season starts.

The garage door

If you don’t want to take the “cave” aspect of your man cave too literally, then there are some upgrades you can make to your garage door to make the space airier and more welcoming. There are various options for garage doors that let air and light into your garage and make access easier, such as swinging or gate-style garage doors, or a screen door for the added benefit of keeping insects and debris out.

Staying warm

The weather’s going to start getting colder, so a portable heater or a permanent heating system in your garage will make your viewing parties more comfortable. You don’t want your energy bills to skyrocket though, so making sure your garage and garage door are properly insulated can help to keep the heat in and the bills down.

If you need a new garage door for your perfect viewing parties this season, contact us at Carolina Garage Door for installation services around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville. If you’re going ahead without replacing your garage door, then a pre-season tune-up could be a good idea to make sure there are no hitches in your plan.