Considering a Detached Garage?

Considering a Detached Garage?

As the nation’s prosperity grew in the 1940s, it became increasingly common for families to own a car and, therefore, require a garage. Within the next decade, attached garages became a the most common entry point to a home. Now, it’s almost unheard-of to find a new home without a garage, a majority of which are attached.

It’s ingrained in many of us that detached garage doors are antiquated, but they are slowly making a comeback. Why are so many people now considering a detached garage?

Keeping the bad garage things out of home




Fire hazards or dangerous materials

Design advantages

Add on

less cluttered (inside)

Shaped, sized more accurately

Additional living/working space

Mentioned add ons… could add on guest house or hobby space

Use it as a workshop or home office – secluded

If you have the space, and don’t mind being subjected to the elements when entering you home, detach fo sho