How to Choose a Garage Door Installer

How to Choose a Garage Door Installer

So, it’s time to replace your garage door. Maybe you already know what you want and just need to find the right person or company to install it. Or, maybe you also need an installer that can advise you on selecting a garage door. Either way, the service you hire to install your garage door is very important.

Here is some of our best advice for choosing a garage door installer.


Have a rough budget in mind when looking for a garage door installer. This will help you to avoid anyone that is too expensive for what you’re looking for, and also any providers whose prices might seem too good to be true. Shop around installation companies in your area to try and find the best deal.


You want an installer that knows garage doors like the back of their hand. Check how long they have been working in the trade to get an idea of how much experience they have with garage door repairs and installations. It can also be useful to check how much experience they have working in the area you live in, as there will be certain factors that apply specifically to the area.


Whenever you buy a product or service, it’s always a good idea to read reviews or testimonials beforehand. Check to see if they have any published on their website or if customers have left reviews on their Facebook page, for example. If you can’t find any, then ask them directly if they can provide you with any. If the answer is no, then they might not be the most reputable source. It is also worth asking around your friends, family, and neighbours to see if they have any recommendations.

Check their accreditations as well, whether that’s with a certain manufacturer or an official organization such as the International Door Association.

Products and services

First of all, the installer obviously needs to be able to provide the service you are looking for. Do they do repair and installation, or are they just working in garage door sales? Also, find out what garage doors they stock and whether they have what you are looking for. Retailers with a range of products will allow you more choice when selecting your garage door.

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