Keeping Pests Out of Your Garage

Bugs, rodents, and other pests might make their way into your garage to seek shelter or find sources of food and water. This can be annoying, frightening for some, and can even cause damage to your garage and the items stored in it. Rats could chew through electrical cables or bite holes in cardboard boxes, moths could eat away at fabrics stored in your garage, while birds could start to nest in the walls or roof of your garage.

If you want to keep pests such as these out of your garage, then read on for some tips…

Consider installing a screen

If you spend time in the garage working on your car or any other hobbies, then you may often be in there with the garage door open, letting in any bugs that are flying around. You can use a garage door screen to keep these bugs out while still letting fresh air into your garage.

Keep food out of the garage

Rats and other pests may be attracted to your garage because they can smell food or garbage. If you store any food in your garage, then make sure it is kept in sealed, airtight containers to remove this temptation. Don’t leave garbage bags in your garage for mice and rats to chew through. Also, sweep your garage floor regularly to clean up any crumbs and other debris that might be edible to pests.

Keep your garage dry and clean

Some pests will be attracted to the damp and humid environment that many garages provide. Try to properly ventilate your garage and clean up any pooled water and other spills to help to avoid excess humidity. The less clutter you have in your garage, the better, as this can provide more places for pests to safely nest in. If you do get pests in your garage, then cleaning it regularly will help to eliminate any nests or eggs that could lead to bigger pest infestations.

Seal up gaps and cracks

Pests are likely to enter through small gaps or cracks in the walls, foundation, and roof, or gaps between your garage door and the surrounding structure. Check your garage and the door for any obvious entry points such as these. If you find any cracks, then you should get these sealed up. Make sure the weather-stripping around your garage door is properly fitted and not damaged in any way.

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