New Garage Door Opener vs. New Garage Door

If you’re having recurrent problems with your garage door, then you might decide that it’s time for a replacement. But is it the actual door that’s the problem or is it the garage door opener? Let’s look at some signs that you need a new garage door and others that indicate you need a new opener to help you decide which is the best fix for you.

Replace your garage door if…

  • It’s more than 20 years old – Garage doors can last between 15-30 years on average. If your garage door has persistent problems with opening and closing smoothly, then it might be getting old and need a replacement. Garage doors suffer from wear and tear over time, especially if they are used frequently.
  • It’s visibly damaged – Maybe it’s been bumped a few times with the car or bikes, or has suffered damage during bad weather and storms. Whatever the cause, a garage door that’s badly damaged may be better being replaced rather than attempting repeated repairs.
  • It has outdated features – Older garage doors were much easier to break into than newer garage doors with more modern security features. Upgrading to a new garage door will give you access to better security and safety features.

Replace your garage door opener if…

  • Your door or opener vibrates – If you notice vibrations when opening or closing your garage door, then it’s probably a problem with the opener rather than the door itself. This could be caused by the motor in your opener being worn out, which could cause a malfunction if the problem isn’t addressed.
  • The door doesn’t open or close – If nothing happens when you press the open/close button on your remote (and you’ve already changed the batteries), then your opener is not recognizing or responding to the signal coming from the remote. This could indicate that the opener needs replacing.
  • Opening and closing randomly – If your garage door suddenly reverses or starts closing without anyone pressing the button on the remote, then it could be a problem with the garage door opener. This could be a big health and safety risk, especially if photo eye sensors are malfunctioning as a result, so get it checked out as soon as possible and replace your opener if needed.

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