How To Choose Your New Garage Door

How To Choose Your New Garage Door

There are so many factors to consider when replacing your garage door: style, color, material, budget, and more. The first decision you must make is when to replace your garage door. Most garage doors will structurally last 15 to 30 years, depending on the amount of use and environmental factors. However, to keep your door updated and in reliable condition, it is recommended that garage doors be replaced at least every 10 to 15 years.

You may also want to replace your garage door if you are remodeling or selling your home or if you just bought a new home and want a more personalized door. Your garage door occupies roughly 30 to 40 percent of the surface of your home’s facade, so it is imperative to keep it in tune with your home’s architectural style as well as your personal taste.

There are three main styles of stock garage doors that will pair well with any home. Traditional garage doors will stand the test of time with an evergreen style. These doors typically have raised panels or ribbing for detail and come in almost any paint color. Carriage house garage doors speak to the history of garage doors and look like barn doors that swing open. Contemporary garage doors are a more modern option with a variety of sleek styles, often with many windows or frosted glass panels.

Another important detail to consider about your garage door is the material. You will want to base your decision on the weather conditions around your home and the feel of the material as it relates to your home’s style. Wood doors offer a warm, traditional beauty and can be painted or stained any number of colors to compliment your home. However, wood doors are the least durable and require the most maintenance. Steel garage doors have become the most popular option as they are durable, easily maintained, and can be pressed with designs to look like a traditional wood door. Vinyl doors are another popular, durable option. Vinyl is rust and dent resistant and this material withstands weather elements. If you’re looking for another rust-resistant, low-maintenance option, choose aluminum. Aluminum garage doors are popular for contemporary homes because they offer a sleek, modern look.

Design details such as color, windows and hardware will help you complete the look of your new garage door. The color of your garage door can set the tone for the overall look and feel. Consider matching your garage door to the color of your front door or window trim. Other factors to consider when choosing your garage door’s color would be the material and color of your home and the color or tone of other garage doors in the neighborhood. A lighter garage door color will better highlight design details and added hardware. You can accent your garage door with hardware accessories such as hinges and handles. These accents are most popular on carriage house garage doors. You can also opt for faux windows to break up the solid color of your garage door. If your garage needs more natural light, you may even consider adding glass window panels to the top of your garage door. These are especially useful if your garage has no other windows or source of natural light.

Once you’ve decided on how your garage door should look, you should consider its functionality. If your garage is heated or attached to your home, we recommend buying a garage door that is insulated. This will reduce noise both from the operation of your garage door and from outside noise. Insulation will also make your door more energy-efficient and help protect your door from weather elements.

Budget will come into play once you narrow down a look and style for your garage door. It may also help you make decisions on door material, size and decorative details. When you’re considering your budget, remember that your garage door is an investment. It should cost roughly 1% of the value of your home. On average, a well-designed garage door will boost the value of your home’s curb appeal and result in a 90% return on investment. Remember that your budget must be inclusive of the garage door, the installation and any accessories you may need, such as an opener.

There are different ways to decide which new garage door is best for your home. You can browse our gallery for inspiration then use the design tool on your website to build the door of your dreams. Our design tool is run by our main garage door manufacturer so you can rest assured that your door will look like your design. You can also visit our showroom where you’ll be able to see and feel different garage door materials and our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have. Visit or call us today to start the process of buying a new garage door.