Window Styles for Your Garage Door

If you’ve made the decision to add windows to your garage door, then the next step is choosing the style, shape, size, and positioning of your garage door windows. There’s a surprising amount of variety and customization options when choosing windows for your garage door, so let’s look at some tips and style options to help you decide.

Window positioning

There are two main options when choosing where to position the windows on your garage door: horizontally or vertically. Horizontally across the top panels of your door is perhaps the most common choice you’ll see on residential garages, although they are also often installed across the third out of the four panels for an easy view into or out of your garage.

Windows stacked vertically, typically down one of the far sides of the door, is less commonly seen but can produce an extremely stylish and contemporary aesthetic. Of course, these are not the only options, and you will see a variety of pattern and positioning options available, such as windows arranged in one corner of the garage door.

Glass type

Do you like the clean style and appearance of completely clear, transparent glass, or do you favor the privacy that slightly obscured glass offers? For example, you can opt for translucent or frosted glass to obscure the view into your garage. This option can be beneficial for security as well as privacy, as it will prevent potential thieves from looking in to see if there is anything valuable inside your garage.

Window shapes and styles

Your window panes could be square, rectangular, or arched. They can be large, solid panes or smaller ones separated by grilles. The glass can have patterns or wrought iron on them to add more detail and decoration. Here’s a visualization of some of the shape and style options available to you.

The shape and style that you choose depend on the style of your garage and the front of your home as a whole. For example, clean, minimalist styles such as large and plain rectangular windows can be great for modern garages doors, while details such as arched windows and patterned panes can provide a more traditional aesthetic.

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