Stamped and Overlay Garage Doors

The detail of carriage style garage doors, or barn style doors, gives them a classic, timeless appeal that’s extremely popular and can be great for curb appeal and resale value. If you’re planning on adding a new carriage style door to your home, then read on for more information about the two main options you’ve got to choose from – stamped and overlay doors.

What’s the difference?

The terms stamped and overlay refer to how the design of a carriage style door is produced. A stamped door has the detail stamped into the door whereas an overlay door gets this detail by having panels laid over the surface of the door. These panels are typically made from either steel or wood and can be placed on doors of lots of different materials. Stamped doors are usually made from steel and have a wood grain finish stamped onto them, although there are a variety of options.

The complexity of your overlay panels will depend on the type of barn style door you have. A different number of panels will be required for true swing doors, bifold doors, and trifold doors, for example.

How to choose between stamped and overlay doors

Both of these options create an attractive aesthetic, so how do you choose between the two? First of all, overlay garage doors are a little more versatile, offering more design options than stamped doors. So, if you have a certain aesthetic in mind, then you may be more likely to achieve it using an overlay. Overlay doors can use either raised or recessed panels. You can achieve lots of different finishes for each option, though, depending on your choice of paint or stain.

Because overlay doors are a little more intricate, they are also typically costlier, so a stamped door is the more cost-effective option. The intricacy can also make overlay doors a little harder to clean and maintain, and stamped doors can be slightly more durable. This is because the overlayed panels may need repairing and replacing occasionally. However, both of these options are usually easier to maintain than other garage door options.

Whatever style of garage door you choose, contact Carolina Garage Door for our professional installation services plus repair and maintenance to keep your new garage door in good shape over the years. We’re here to serve you around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville, NC.