The Pros and Cons of Parking in Your Garage

One of the main purposes or a residential garage is to park your car, but not everyone uses their garage for this purpose. In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons to park in your garage and some reasons why you might not.

The main benefit of parking your car in your garage is security. Parked on the street, it is much easier for someone to damage your car, break into it, or even steal it. When parked in your garage, assuming you lock your garage door, there is an extra layer of security to get through before they can reach your car. Plus, it’s out of sight, so it’s much less likely that an opportunist will walk past and decide to break into your car.

This advantage actually has a follow-on benefit – because your car is more secure inside your garage, your insurance premiums are likely to be lower as a result. Insurance companies know that a claim is more likely when a car is parked on the street, so this is reflected in the amount you pay.

Parked inside your garage, your car is also better protected from adverse weather conditions. This means your paintwork is likely to stay in better condition and less maintenance may be required. The benefits are especially seen during storms, where damage can be down by debris being blown by the wind, for example.

Reasons not to park your car in your garage

The main reason people don’t park their car in their garage is that they don’t have enough space in the garage. Even if your garage is large enough for your car, you might choose to park it outside so that you have more storage space in your garage. This will allow you to store large items such as your lawnmower and other tools, along with any clutter you don’t have space for in the house.

Similarly, some people use their garage for a workshop where they can tinker or work on hobbies. Depending on the size of your garage, you may not have enough space to do this if you park a car in there. People may be more likely to take the risk and park on the street or in their drive if they live in a reasonably safe neighborhood. 

So, parking your car in your garage is the safer and more sensible option, but not everyone has the space to do this. If you want to upgrade your garage and garage door to make sure your car is safely parked, then contact Carolina Garage Door to find out how we can help.