Garage Door Tune-Up Tips

Garage Door Tune-Up Tips Do you wait until there’s something wrong with your garage door before taking action? Doing so could leave you with a big bill and the inconvenience of your garage door not opening for you. It is much better to perform regular maintenance and call the professionals for an annual garage door […]

A Crash Course in Garage Door Openers

A Crash Course in Garage Door Openers Are you confused by all the different types of garage door openers out there? If you’re looking for a new garage door opener, read on to learn more about them and what to look for when you’re browsing through them Different types of garage door openers Traditionally, there […]

Which Is Best? Single or Double Garage Door?

Which Is Best? Single or Double Garage Door? If you’re designing a new garage or replacing your garage door, then size matters. Specifically, the size of your garage door. In your design planning, you may have come across doors of different sizes – single garage doors and double garage doors. A single garage door generally […]

Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors There are a variety of different materials that could be used to make your garage door, whether that’s at home or on commercial premises. One that is less often seen is the use of glass for garage doors. Should you choose a glass garage door? Let’s weight up some of the benefits […]

Considering a Detached Garage?

Considering a Detached Garage? As the nation’s prosperity grew in the 1940s, it became increasingly common for families to own a car and, therefore, require a garage. Within the next decade, attached garages became a the most common entry point to a home. Now, it’s almost unheard-of to find a new home without a garage, […]