Garage Door Trends 2018

Garage Door Trends 2018 Is your garage door due an upgrade? Whether you’re thinking of replacing your garage door this year or simply updating it a little, there are plenty of trends that are leading the way in 2018. Let’s look at a few of these garage door trends for 2018. Wooden doors The classic […]

5 Garage Door Myths

5 Garage Door Myths Garage doors are an important part of your home, but they can also be greatly misunderstood. So, we’re going to debunk some of the most common myths we hear about garage doors. Garage doors last forever Garage doors are often seen as one of those investments that you can just forget […]

Choosing Commercial Garage Doors

Choosing Commercial Garage Doors Many businesses have the need for garage doors, whether that’s for a large garage that’s storing a fleet of work vehicles or an area that’s used for storage of inventory or equipment. If you’re in the market for one or more garage doors for your business, then here are a few […]

The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Projects

The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Projects DIY is all the rage. It’s a way to potentially save some money and feel a sense of accomplishment at achieving something yourself. But, is it always the best option? Sure, repainting the walls in your living room could be a good alternative to calling in the professionals, […]

Garage Door Security Tips

Garage Door Security Tips Your garage is an extension of your home, so its security can be just as important as securing the front door of your house. If you keep valuable items in your garage or if your garage is another means of access to your house, then keeping intruders out is essential. Let’s […]

What to Do If a Garage Door Spring Breaks

What to Do If a Garage Door Spring Breaks Would you know what to do if your garage door suddenly stopped working? A number of reasons could cause garage doors to break or become faulty, and one of the most common is a broken garage door spring. To make sure you’re prepared for this situation […]

To Insulate or Not to Insulate

To Insulate or Not to Insulate Winter is here…and that means you’ll be spending more money heating your house to keep you and your family comfortable during the cold spells. One way to reduce these costs is to make sure that your home is properly insulated, and that includes your garage. If this sounds like […]